Family Support WA provides services to individuals with disabilities and their families.  All our services are individualised and are flexible to suit the specific requirements of each person.  Please contact our office on 9405 1885 or for more information.

Design Your Individualised Service

The supports that we offer are:

Planning for Today and Tomorrow…

We can work together to help explore possibilities for the future by using ‘Planning Templates’. These can assist you to shape thinking and ideas. This could open new doors and discussions for the person you support, and your family as a whole, for both now and the future.

Holistic Family Support

Families may require support or direction in a variety of areas. We can offer practical advice and support to access resources, funding or training. We can assist you to find and choose your support staff; make applications for funding, provide an extra pair of hands to attend specialist medical appointments; arrange counselling services, interpreters and can include siblings’ needs into your plans for services. We can also help to liase and communicate with other professionals. Depending on your funding, we can organise gardening and domestic help and opportunities to take a break by accessing respite care.

Social & Recreation Activities

Meeting with friends, finding new interests and hobbies, creating connections with the community and new people and expanding on current networks are examples of social activities you may be interested in. We can support you to explore and design a plan around the things that interest you, and support ideas you might like to try out. Whether it be 1:1 with your support person, or joining a small group to go on a trip or visit, we can provide you with opportunities to join in.

‘Taking a Break’

(Family Breaks & Respite)

Using your funding, we can work together to look at creative ways of planning short breaks or some extra time to use within your family. This can help reduce stress and rebuild your capacity and resilience so you can be at your best. Whether a break is taken within your home using a support person to care for siblings or the person with a disability, or out of home where your child stays overnights or for the day, we can discuss ideas and what works for you. We understand how important regular breaks are and the positive impacts they can bring for everyone in the family.

Life Long Skills

Together, let us make plans by tailoring an individual programme of support to build on those important life skills. Support staff can facilitate opportunities to incorporate these into every day activities. Ideas like encouraging a person to be independent when eating, handling money, learning how to cook basic, healthy foods, using public transport, putting a seatbelt on, having fun with exercise, mobility and movement… Everyone has different skill levels, abilities, ideas and goals. We believe they are all important. Other areas include computer skills, taking care of yourself, sexuality & support with personal relationships…

The Hub…

The Hub is a place that our clients enjoy using anytime, as part of any program or activity. It is owned by Family Support WA and is in Lansdale. We have a regular group of people who like to use The Hub as a base and all clients are welcome. There is a small fully equipped kitchen, a sensory room, office, space for arts and crafts, lounge area with TV, DVD and X-box, computer with internet access, printer & fax facilities. There is a shower, toilets and bedroom. The Hub is a great place to learn and improve upon new skills, to use as a base, and for socialising.

‘Connect Work Alternatives’


Connect provides tailored and inclusive recreation and life skills activities. This gives opportunities to focus in on the person’s life: their goals, skills, interests, culture & specific needs. Our team selects support persons tailored to the individual, often with input from the family to ensure a good match. A mix of activities can be planned to assist the person to increase skills, work towards their goals and develop independence in a variety of areas. Support could be as diverse as setting up voluntary work, going to college, learning skills for living independently, going to a drumming workshop, or being helped to enjoy the ‘Sensory Room’ at the Hub.

Shared Management

Family Support WA can provide a shared management service for families and individuals with funding from Disability Services Commission. Administrative support and advice is on hand to help families to manage their own funds. We can also provide bookkeeping and coordination support for a shared management service. Please phone our office for further information.

Service Brokerage…

A Flexible Approach

We will work alongside external agencies and organisations to ensure we can provide all the services you would like. This helps ensure we can put the best possible program in place. It means you can make use of other services, outside of the ones we offer directly, but still remain with Family Support WA as your primary provider. We can coordinate these services for you. We can take process invoices and payments from your funding. This idea provides the flexibility that many families and individuals would like.