For Families



Initial contact is made with FSWA

Establish if the individual has funding that we are approved to manage.
Determine whether we are the correct service provider to meet their needs.- This may be done during a face to face meeting if this can’t be achieved over the phone.
Face to face meeting between the individual and a FSWA coordinator.
Confirm both parties are happy to move forward into the planning process.


This meeeting is to establish a relationship and provide information about what services we can provide to the person with a disability and their family. We will discuss what goals/aspirations the person has and how we could best provide support. We will also discuss what level of support would be required to achieve these goals. We may set other meeting dates to begin the planning process once if you have chosen FSWA to provide services.


You will have dedicated coordinator who will work with you to develop an Individual Plan for your support, including finding the right support workers, activities and facilities to meet your requirements.  Our coordinators provide ongoing support and work with you to achieve the best possible outcomes. We use a range of templates, which help everyone to think about what goals and aspirations the individual has and how best we can support them to achieve those goals. The planning process is done in an informal and comfortable way whether this be in the comfort of your own home, at our office or out in an open space or neutral space in the community whichever suits your needs best. We work out how much support can be provided for the amount of funding the individual has and discuss how that would look in real life.

This process is as fast or slow as needed, however it takes approximately 4 weeks to complete. At the end there will be a plan developed that clearly states the goals and what strategies are going to be used to achieve them. Throughout this process we are getting to know the individual and their family which helps when commencement of services take place.

A one page profile is developed to give an overview of the person – this is optional however it’s a nice way to explore different qualities and aspirations and introduce the individual to the people that will be supporting them. We also ask our mentors and support people to make their own one page profile so we can get the right match of staff to individual.

During the planning process we will inform you of current staff that may be available and match your requirements.  If we do not have a support person that is available and the right match then we will start the recruitment process to employ someone specifically to support the individual. We encourage individuals and family members to be active in this process.

During the planning process a funding plan is developed (please see funding plan section).

We also ask that each individual completes a client services details form for our records.


A funding plan is developed during the planning stage where all parties agree of the type and amount of support that can be given for the funding allocation. Goals are highlighted on the funding plan and costings are applied in accordance with our DSC contract. Once the funding plan has been agreed upon it should be signed by all parties, then we submit the plan to Disability Services Commission and wait for approval. Funding submissions take two weeks to be processed by DSC therefore services cannot commence until two weeks (or more if preferable) after the submission.


Respite and Individual Support- Fees for respite and individual support are tailored to the individual and we can provide a quote based on individual and specific needs.

Connect ATE- At the Hub there is a fee of $4 per day of service.

Transport Fees- At the Hub there is a $2 fee for each 5kms away from the Hub up to a maximum of $8 per day. This fee is only charged for occasions where transport is required to and from the Hub. In the community there is a fee of $0.76 per kilometre for Community Connect Services.

Entry fees, activity costs and meal costs are the responsibility of each individual.